Biography of Dr. Mohammad Sharif “Sharifi” The AG of CAO

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   Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi son of Mohammad Yosuf was born in the capital of Panjsher province in 1335. He completed the primary school in Ashuqan- o- Arefan school in1347 and admitted to the Ansari high school. He graduated successfully in 1352, he also has completed his higher education in Natural Sciences faculty of Kabul Education University in mathematics and physics field and subsequently admitted to the mathematics master program in Kabul Education University and he has a master degree in related field and recently he has achieved his PHD outside the country in educational field. He has done the military service and afterward he has worked as an employee in Ministry of Education and after that has been as a teacher in Roshan School. Later on joined the ranks of jihad and during jihad he was working as head of Education Center Zone perfectly till the success of militia (mujahedin). Despite problems on that time he conducted courses and different seminars for enhancing the knowledge level of teachers in mathematics, science and physics. With mujahidin government victory he was appointed as Head of Information and Culture of Parwan province and till the capture of Kabul by taleban worked in this post and meanwhile, he was responsible for the administration of parwan province as well, during the resistance of Afghanistan people against retrogressive and medieval Taliban regime by maintaining the relations with senior authority and resistance leader he was busy in private business outside the country for provide family living. Till the victory against alqaida and terrorism he was in UK and he also was under training in Richmond collage for awhile. After establishing temporary government he came back from London to Kabul and from Sawr 1381 has been working as AG of CAO up to date. By appointment of him as AG the CAO is in the path of growth and prosperity and it is counted as brightest development life stage of this office. With the corporation of staff and professional contemporary management the following activities and initiatives under his efficient leading in CAO have been done:

1-  Establishment of a library with capacity of (1800) books.

2-  Revival of office independence.

3-  Mobilization of departments with required equipments.

4-  Computerization of activities of all departments and directorates.

5-  Establishment of English language and computer courses.

6-  Held professional audit training courses with the corporation of (PKF) project of London.

7-  Secure international relation of CAO with INTOSAI, ASOSAI and ECOSAI and other audit supreme institutions.

8-  Providing vehicles for transportation of Directors and employees.  

9-  Preparation of annual and quarter audit plans.

10-  Promotion of new reporting system and reporting to the Cabinet and Parliament.

11-  Examination of World Bank, ARTF and UNDP funds and reporting to the concern entities.

12-  Compilation of office cadre’s act/ rule.

13-   Establishment and publication of audit quarterly magazine.

14-  Payment of four to seven times of monthly salary for office staff.

15-  Construction of new building for CAO.

16-  Establishment of Internal Audit, Aids and Monitoring and Research departments.

17-  Establishment of Environmental Audit and Performance directorate, Foreign Relation and IT departments.

18-  Printing of audit manual, behavior code and printing of INTOSAI standards.

19-  Design and compilation of CAO new law.

20-  Signing of a MOU with India Audit Office.

He is a member of education commission and his writings and different articles are published in press, magazines and newspapers and further mother thong (Dari) he also speaks in Pashto, Russian, and English languages. Mr. Sharifi has been working in mentioned positions by maintaining the cadre rights and during this period he also continues to teach in Natural Science Faculty of Education University.     

He has participated in conferences, seminars and national and international workshops and has met the Asian, European, African and American countries and has a wide vision in governmental issues especially regarding public financial management system and educational system.