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Tue, Jan 28 2020 5:44 AM
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Interview: Mohammad Naiem Haqmal FCCA, Afghanistan's auditor general

Afghanistan’s auditor general Mohammad Naiem Haqmal FCCA is pulling out all the stops to build a cadre of qualified professionals in a country that sorely needs them . . .

Tue, Oct 15 2019 10:29 AM
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Discussion of Matching Audit Findings with Public and Finance Senior-Officials

In continuity of the Office’s in-person meetings with Senior Finance Officials of Afghanistan’s Public Administrations, this time Mr. Mohammad Naiem Haqmal . . .

Wed, Sep 18 2019 10:44 AM
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Signing a Collaborative Memorandum of Understanding on Media

On incessant signing of Collaborative Memorandum of Understanding, today, Wednesday, Sonbola 27, 1398, which coincides with September 18, 2019, . . .