Supreme Audit Office 

We endeavor to become a model supreme audit institution and contribute to improved, accountable and transparent public resources through independent, credible, balanced and timely audit reporting.

Auditor General‘s Massage


1 month 3 weeks ago

Supreme Audit Office is committed to conduct standard, effective and quality audits, which foster internal control systems, enhance accountability and transparency, mitigate corruption, and boost domestic revenues and good governance.  

M. Naiem Haqmal
SAO Auditor General

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Wed, Aug 07 2019 7:11 AM
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(101) بست خالی رتبه سوم و چهارم اداره عالی بررسی

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لایحه وظایف تعداد بخش مربوطه بست عنوان بست شماره
لایحه وظایف یک بست ریاست پالیسی پلان 4 کارشناس گزارشهای تصدی و شاروالیها 1

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The Auditor General of the Supreme Audit Office meet with the European Union Ambassador to Afghanistan