Vision and Mission

Our mission and duties:

  1. Conduct audits on annual financial statement, annual Government Qatia statement and provide recommendations about it.
  2. Execute audits on financial and accounting affairs particularly on compliance of revenue and expenditures in the organizations, enterprises and institutions.
  3. Execute special audits in the organizations based on presidential decree. 
  4. Conduct audit and provide recommendation about financial statements and foreign aids, which are spent through the Government budget.
  5. Conduct audits on accounting and financial affairs of franchisee/branches of public enterprises abroad.
  6. Audit the internal audit departments of the ministries and public organizations.
  7. Conduct performance audit to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and economic aspects of the projects. 
  8. Develop and promote environmental audit.
  9. Ensure that the plans implementations have contributed to the economic, social and financial growth of the organizations.
  10. Conduct audit in way that results in national development and socio-economic growth of free market.
  11. Identify the deficiencies, shortcomings, and monetary discrepancies during audits and providing analytical conclusions for implementation and improvement of the performances in the relevant organizations.  
  12. Providing corrective ideas and guidance to departments and organizations for elimination of the deficiencies.
  13. Identify embezzlements of public properties and forwarding them to the Attorney General Office.
  14. Provide semi-annual consolidated reports on key findings in accounting and financial affairs of audited entities to the president office and National Assembly.  
  15. Develop SAO capacity.
  16. Prepare legal framework for SAO activities.
  17. Expand the scope of SAO audits.
  18. Develop and promote SAO international relationships and follow INTONSAI standards.
  19. Provide methodic guidance to internal audit departments.
  20. Provide recommendations about the adjustments on accounting and financial rules, procedures and mandates of audited entities to the relevant authority.   

Vision of the Supreme Audit Office

We endeavor to become a model and pioneer supreme audit institution and contribute to improved, accountable and transparent public resources through independent, credible, balanced and timely audit reporting.