Biography of Finance and Admin Deputy

The Admin and Finance Deputy Audit General of the Supreme Audit Office of Afghanistan Mujeeb-ul- Rahman Shirzad has his Master degree in Development Policies and Practices from the University of Genevain Swiss, EMBA in Public Administration fromPeterson University of Pakistan, fellowship in “Leadership and Administration Developmentto Hiroshima University of Japan through the United Nation Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)and his Medical Degree from Kabul Medical University.

Mr. Shirzad has received plenty of thematic and specialized courses and workshops in programme-based budgeting, and public financial affairs administrations from international and national institutions inside and outside of the country. He is an alumnus of United States, Department of State, IVLP Program in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Mr. Shizad has worked in senior management position with international organizations such as SERVE/PBL, AMI, HNIand CNN for a long time.

He has worked with public organizations like Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) as Regional Manager for Eastern Region, Regional Director of Brishna Corporation “De Afghanistan BreshnaShirkat” for Eastern Region and joined Ministry of Finance in 2011 as Director of Project Implementation and Monitoring the Development Project of the Ministry of Finance.

Mr. Shirzad has successfully passed the Civil Services Administration Reforms Commission (CBR) Exam and was appointed as Director General of Revenue Planning in 2012. He had worked as Director General of Revenue since May, 2015 until August 14, 2017.

Based on the inquiry of Supreme Audit Office Suggestion on August 2017 and approval of the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mr. Shirzad was appointed as Admin and Finance Deputy Auditor General.