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Biography of Ms. Sophia Shakib, the Top Female Employee of the Supreme Audit Office (SAO)
Sophia Shakib, was born in 1374 (Solar year), completed her primary education in 1392 at Malika Soraya School. After passing the matriculation entrance exam in 1393, she entered Kabul University and graduated with a bachelor degree in economics in 1396. She is currently at the third semester of her master's degree in Finance and Banking at Kabul University, Faculty of Economics.
She started her career when she was still a sophomore student at Kabul University and worked as the Head of the Kabul University Students' Union for two years. In 1396, after her graduation, she started working as a trainer at (Promote USAID) and later, in May 1397, through a free competition, she started working as Executive Manager at Audit Department of Local Budgetary Offices, the Supreme Audit Office. After one and a half years of performing her duties as Executive Manager, Ms. Shekib competed at a third auditor position at Department of audit of and Environment, and in 1399, she started working as auditor of the Department of Performance Audit.
Since the beginning of his new duty According to the policy of the organization, she started receiving trainings in professional courses (CPSA), and after passing the first semester successfully, she is currently receiving training of second semester of (CPSA).
Ms. Shekib achievements in educational and working areas are as followings:
·       Scientific travel as an outstanding student of Kabul University on invitation of Tabatabai University in 1395 to Iran.
·       Receiving a certificate of appreciation as one of the top book readers in the reading competition of the Reform Society and the Prospective Youth Social Association
·       Complete three FIA ​​papers with excellent grades at Supreme Audit Office
·       Passing the first semester of (CPSA) with excellent grades.
·       Utilized efforts to inform women about their rights by holding awareness seminars at Kabul University and one session at Supreme Audit Office.
As a successful woman, Ms. Shekib wants to be as an example by increasing her educational capacity, gaining working and professional experiences, try to be self-reliant and have confidence in her own abilities. She believes that a woman can be successful when she first trust on her own abilities, and secondly set and schedule accurate planning and increase her educational and professional capacity, smooth the uneven paths and turn every challenges into opportunities.