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Sun, Jul 25 2021 4:20 AM

24 July 2021

Report on Audit of Center Heating System of Macroryans, Kabul City

Based on numerous complaints from Macroryans’ residents and the customers of the center heating system against the Department of Operations and Maintenance of Macroryans, which had been referred to the Supreme Audit Office, made this entity obliged to audit the performance and activities of the Macroryans Center Heating Head Office, which resulted in the following findings:

  • Lack of accurate needs assessment of fuel and delays in the provision of the procurement documents;
  • Customers' dissatisfaction from the state of service provision and lack of the request from the people's representative to monitor the services of the center heating system.
  • Lack of a clear mechanism for customers’ payment obligations and calculating the delay penalties due to not payment of the money for the service of center heating system.
  • Lack of a clear mechanism and solution for repairing and depreciating the equipment of the center heating system.
  • The equipment and the underground lines of the center heating system are worn out
  • Non-standard storage of fuel
  • Lack of renewal of legislative documents related to the Operations and Maintenance of the Macroryans.

This report is hereby published for the purpose of public awareness and it is available through the following link.

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Tue, Aug 03 2021 9:52 AM
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Meeting of the Public Participation Affairs was conducted

The meeting number 11 of the committee for the affairs of public participation was conducted chaired by Mr. Sayed Bilal Hashemi, Deputy Auditor General of Audit of Performance and. . .

Tue, Aug 03 2021 4:29 AM
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The Digital Information Systems of the Supreme Audit Office was Inaugurated

03 July 2021
The digital systems of the Supreme Audit Office, developed by the Department of Information Technology was inaugurated during Afghanistan Digitization Week.
In this. . .

Tue, Jul 27 2021 9:53 AM
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The Monthly Periodical (No.33) of the Supreme Audit Office Published

The monthly periodical that reflects the activities of the past one month of the Supreme Audit Office was published with the following contents: 
•    Introduction of the senior advisor. . .