SAO Meeting with the Afghanistan Civil Society Association on the Methodology of Participatory Performance Audits

Sun, Jun 07 2020 8:18 AM

On Thursday, 15/03/1399, there was a meeting organized and conducted in Supreme Audit Office (SAO) to discuss the methodology of participatory performance audit. The meeting was attended by senior officials of SAO Performance Audit Directorate, Public Participation Directorate, and the members of Civil Society Organization’s (CSOs).

The meeting session was started with the recitation of Holy Quran. Afterwards, Officials from the SAO Performance Audit Directorate and the Public Participation Directorate provided detail information’s on the methodology, mechanism and the public participation procedures in the execution of participatory performance audits. The officials further added that SAO has couple of years’ experience in conducting performance audits & evaluations and has achieved quality results. They emphasized on the additional collaboration of Civil Society Organizations / Associations and esteemed their current role in the audit process.

Afghanistan Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) appreciated the presentation, and acknowledged SAO efforts and cooperation in including representatives of the Civil Society Organizations in the participatory audit process. They further added that despite the current challenge’s associated to Afghanistan Civil Society Organizations, they are still committed and will persist to cooperate in the audit process as they believe it is crucial to hold the public officials accountable for their actions, and assist the citizens in raising public awareness about spending of the funds, budget, and asset management. Involvement of citizens in the audit process is one of the most important and fundamental step to strengthen human rights and democracy in the country.

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